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Aptech Aviation and Hospitality Academy is the Aviation, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism education brand of Aptech. Through its wide network of centers, Aptech Aviation and Hospitality Academy has successfully trained thousands of students for global careers in these growing industries.

Aptech Certified Professional in Hotel Operations

The programme has been designed to give student a comprehensive up to-date knowledge of operational practices, procedures and essential management skills to meet entry level requirements in hotel industry. The course integrates classroom learning skills and a period of internment in hospitality establishment.


The integrated approach exposes students to knowledge and skills that could pave the pathway for immediate employment in the hospitality industry.

Great importance is given to quality of education where

  • It applies an innovative learning methodology known as Integrated Curriculum Application Model (ICAM) that enables easy learning by the student.
  • Specially selected and well trained faculty handles the classes.
  • Classroom teachings are supported with workshops like Intensive Interview Preparation, swimming lessons and personality development sessions.
  • The courses are planned to provide a complete immersive learning experience where the student gains exposure to all aspects of hotel services.


Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Appreciate and understand the actual practices of a day-to-day operations in a hotel
  • Execute practical skills and knowledge for effective management of food service operations
  • Understand the systematic approach practices in managing housekeeping operations
  • Understand customer service, safety and sanitation practices, food science nutrition, menu planning, food preparation techniques, inventory control and the proper use of kitchen tools and appliances
  • Explain the front office procedures by detailing the flow of business through a hotel, from the reservations process to check out and settlement
  • Prepare themselves adequately for hotel interviews
  • Understand the fundamentals of personal grooming and the process involved as required for the industry.
  • Master English grammar rules and converse flawlessly of their ideas and thoughts


Entry Requirement

  • Pass in SPM with one credit OR
  • O Level/UEC
  • Other equivalent qualifications will considered on case-by-case basis



  • 4.5 months
  • 4 6 days of classes a week


Course Structure

bullet Module 1:
  Hospitality English I
bullet Module 2:
  Grooming for Hoteliers
bullet Module 3:
  Hospitality English 2
bullet Module 4:
  Food and Beverage Services
bullet Module 5:
  Introduction to Housekeeping
bullet Module 6:
  Principles of Front Office
bullet Module 7:
  Catering Science and Hygiene
bullet Module 8:
  Interview Preparatory Workshop
bullet Module 9:
  Industrial Placement

Personality Development

Personality Development Aviation, Hospitality and Travel & Tourism are service industries. Here, ones attitude towards people and the desire to help them is most important.
  • Grooming, poise and fluency in spoken English are valued in these industries. All Aptech Aviation and Hospitality Academy courses include personality development and other aspects of customer care which are vital to the industry.
  • Skills such as table etiquette and soft skills are imparted in the courses.



Placements Placements
Aptech Aviation and Hospitality Academy offers job placement assistance to students and recruitment assistance to hospitality establishment looking to hire trained professionals.

Hotel Tie-Ups

Hotel Tie-Ups Students who undergo Internships with hotels that have tie-ups with Aptech Aviation and Hospitality Academy have great chances of being employed as full timers.


Job Interviews

Job Interviews Apart from training students, the Aptech Aviation and Hospitality Academy Placements Team constantly shortlist students whose courses are nearing completion for prospective employment.


International Careers

International Careers
bullet The country's rapidly growing economy has led to a remarkable growth in the tourism sector. In line with this growth, the hotel industry has flourished and thus, the demand for human resources specializing in hotel operations has increased as well.
  • The recent liberalization of trade and opening up of economy further lead to revolutionary growth in this sector.
  • The ever increasing corporate activity as well as the increase in holiday makers has given a boost to the hospitality industry


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